How to have sex in technical interviews

I must admit that it was one of the best experiences i ever had. I was relaxed and relieved. My nerves calmed, My heart pounding. My anxiety was gone.

The feeling of finally getting it done this way was great. I was laying on my back looking at the ceiling and thinking, finally i will get the job now.

I just finished the sex between two of my interviews. Not the kind of sex you are imagining, not that one, sorry if you are disappointed.

But let me tell you, This will also release oxytocin in your brain the kind of hormones which gets released when we are having real sex. When we are happy, smiling, and enjoying something.

I have been using this method to create opportunities for myself. To get myself more cleverer, to be more prepared.

It is like looking at yourself in mirror while having sex, where everything is reversed but gets more clear to you about, your performance, and rhythm.

I have been telling this to hundreds of people who are contacting me for some advice. When they are sad and depressed about a recent rejection. And now i am finally telling you.

So stay tight, hold your imagination, bow down your nasty expectations, and read on.

So what is Interview sex then?

I am talking about the intense combination of two of my interview experiences. One the best ever technical interview i had and one the worst ever.

I sketched two columns on a paper. On one side i wrote what was the best things from one of my most successful technical interview. On the other side i wrote down the best things from one of the worst technical interviews i have ever been.

Then i combined those together. Now i had a list of one of the best responses i have given in both good and bad situations.

My answers to questions in both flow state and in depressed state of mind. What questions i asked during good and bad interviews.

How i responded to some of the most intense and difficult technical questions both in both interviews

Then i took another sheet of paper and drew another line on the middle. On one side i wrote all the bad experiences i had in one of my best interviews, and on the other column i wrote all the bad experiences in one of the worst interviews.

Then i combined them

Low and behold i have a blueprint of all of my previous performances and a roadmap for all of my next interviews.

After this you do not need any guide, advice, any self help not a career guru. You have become your own guru, You will pave your own path and will eventually succeed in your goals.

But before you dig into it, you need to learn about some interview rules, tactics and tricks.

1)- More You Do It, Better You Will Become

Interview sex frequency

 Like real sex you cannot become good at it by just doing it once or thinking about it. The only way to become better at it is by doing it, and doing more often.

Doing it at different times of the day and at different places.You need to experiment with new twists and angels. Always pushing past your mental barriers. Learning from your experiences, eventually you will attain mastery in it.

Never discriminate against any low encounter. Every interview no matter good or bad is there to teach you a lesson. And you must take this opportunity to its full advantage. 

2) Heat Up The Things [Foreplay]


Interview sex foreplay

Don’t just dive directly into action. You need to be patient. You need to get ready emotionally and physically. Understand that without heating up the things there is no pleasure. You will be disappointed.

You should not just draw a line on paper and start writing. Instead go all the way back to the beginning for each details.

Refresh your memory, what that interview was all about, what lead to situations either good or bad.

What kind of questions was asked? What kind of emotional situation you were? How you were responding to the questions? 

What was your body language? What words you choose to answer the questions?

Try to remember as may things as you can before you start, Try to move yourself in the same emotional, mental and physical state before you start.

3) Don’t Be Like Teenagers (since everyone is doing it, so i should do it)


Interview sex teenagers

Remember there is no pleasure and glory in doing this for the sake of others.

You cannot simply get the pleasure for the sake of just doing it. Its a much more mental aspect then the physical one.

So understand the sex between  your two interview experiences should be done entirely on your own terms, On your own will, and on your own rhythm. You cannot simply do it half involved and get something meaningful out of it. 

4) Climax Is Everything 

interview sex climax

 We are known in this world by our ability to finish things up either real sex, job, work, business or the interview sex. There is no glory and pleasure if you are unable to close the things without reaching the climax.

In order to reach climax for your interview sex. You have to be able to get something meaningful out of it. More specifically a blue print of your previous great and bad experiences which should serve as a roadmap for your future interviews.


Remember body has limitations but mind does not. We focus so much on the world around us that we forget to focus on our own internal experiences, our own past encounters, and our ability to learn from these.

Develop an ability to combine these experiences and they will become your best mentor in life. They will enable you with a vision to look through your future. 

Providing you with an unbeatable edge over all other candidates. Resulting in success in life which others can only dream of.

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