"NO","NO" AND "NO" 


I sent applications to maybe 100 companies.

I would send out 20 or 30 CV's daily to recruiters. Apply for every published job. send unsolicited applications. Apply to startups. I literally applied everywhere.

100% rejection. 100s of rejections.

And I didn’t understood why no one was inviting me for interviews. 

I tried to switch application formats, I tried to change my CV and cover letters. 

But nothing happened. All I getting was simply rejections. 

But I figured, let’s do something with my approach to apply for jobs. In the beginning everyone said “No” and “No” and “No.” 

But finally i cracked it.

Now consider yourself very lucky…

…because today I’m going to pull back the curtain and share one of my absolute BEST tricks with you.

If you're struggling to get interview invitations or looking to kick start your career.

This will be the one "TRICK" you wish you knew before. 

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WARNING: You are NOT going to find anything about sending CV's to 50 random recruiters (blah) or spam companies (yawn) here.

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The Road To The "TRICK"

She was surprised and looked at me as i was the worst interruption.

I had just entered the room. Fully wet from head to toes. I had walked for 3 miles in a heavy rain to reach that building.

As i was walking towards the room .There were many doubts in my head. I was afraid of being humiliated. Scared of being rejected.

I thought may be i should run back, Abandon my dreams and give up all the hopes.

From time to time i would look at the papers. I was hiding under my jacket and it would remind me of why i was doing this.

Finally i entered the room. I could feel that she was feeling uncomfortable. I walked straight towards her and said.

I want to meet with Mr. Jonas. It’s too late maybe he has already left, she replied.

But let me check. She called him and turned towards me. Lucky for you he will meet you on his way out.

It was end of year 2007. I was about to graduate. Global financial crisis was unfolding.

Big corporations were  firing 100’s of employees everyday. Startups were disappearing at a faster speed than ever.

I needed to find a job during this time to kick start my career. 

As i was waiting, I sat down on a chair in the room and looked outside. People were getting in and out of the building dressed in designer suits.

May be one day i will have a career like this.I whispered to myself.

In the meantime a tall middle aged man walked towards me and broke my chain of thoughts.

Do i know you. He asked me. No, i stood up, My name is brooks i am studying in university and i want to have an internship in your company.

He looked at me, Well but we do not have any internship positions at the moment.

I know, but i really needed one. I replied, while i reached my jacket with shivering hands and handed him my CV and cover letter.

He looked at them briefly and said i will see if we can do anything and then he left.

Exactly after 2 days of that meeting he called me back and said "Well we have never done anything like this before, but i would like to give a chance and can offer you an internship in my company for 4 months". I said YES.

And since then my career took off. I worked there for 4 months then was hired for part time job and finally as a full time.

I cannot imagine what my career would have been today. If i have given up after 150+ rejections.

You do not need to go through 150+ rejections like me. In fact this method is so powerful that after initial publication.

I received many emails from readers who were unable to get any interview and ended up landing a job in first or second meeting by using this method.

From now on you can use this techniques to get invitations for interview at any company you want.

I will teach you in details how to do it. But before we dig deeper you need to understand

Who Are Your Gatekeepers?

If you want to join a university whom you have to go through ? the admission board.

If you want to publish a book who will decide to publish it or not? Publishers

If you want to be part of a movie who will decide? Casting agent

If you want to move to another country who will decide ? Ambassador

If you want to work for a specific company who will decide? HR or recruiter or middle manager

All of the above are examples of gatekeepers. They are people whom we have to go through to get anything. They will let us pass or stop and our success and failure is dependent on what they choose to do with us.

The purpose of their mere existence is to filter you out and nothing else.

And now it’s time to learn who is the source then

Who Is The Source?

In a typical corporate environment, a manager has some projects, tasks and he is missing some resources, and want to hire a new person to come and help him,

He will be the future manager for the new hire. And will get him under his wing, present him all the problems and expect the solution.

He is the source. everyone else, the HR department. The recruiter, the other technical guy he asks to review your CV all are gatekeepers.

In order to increase your chances for interview all you have to do is to approach the source directly and ditch everyone else.

Why go to source directly?

Imagine you have sent a CV for a specific job and the HR person or recruiter does not like your name. Or your picture, or your religion or your colour and simply looking at your name or picture throw your CV to trash, end of story. It does not matter how suitable you were for the job.

Secondly when you will contact the source directly using the approach below, he will get a very strong impression of you and would like to know more about you and will invite you for interview.

So how to skip gatekeepers and go to the source ?

The workaround is whenever you decide to apply for a specific job. do not apply directly via gatekeepers. Instead look for the contact information of source(typical in every job posting there is information about hiring manager)

Once you have that information then call him and ask him these three questions

Q1:Can you explain me a little more about the project, product, and what this job is all about?

Q2: What are your expectations for the person you are looking to hire, what kind of specific skills and experiences you need?

Q3:Introduce yourself, skills, experience and why you are interested in this job

Final step:After the call send him thank you mail, and attach your CV with it,

(Just to be safe also apply via the actual job apply method as written in job description)

What if you are looking for Internship?

If you are fresh graduate or looking for internship then you can follow the approach in this manner

Search for the company you want to work for. Then go to linkedin and search for the persons who are working in the same company. Narrow your search and look for someone with title Head of something, or Senior manager.

Or Manager for the department you want to work. Once found get his name, and other details.

Send him a message and introduce yourself, who you are , what you have studied , your skills and experiences. And ask him specifically what do you need.

If the company is in your town. Then it’s even better to go to the company and ask to meet that person and hand him your CV personally. Explain him why you need this internship/job.


It does not matter whether you have 20 years of experience or are just a fresh graduate looking for your first job. You will be faced with rejections. All your efforts and hopes will be trashed by people sitting between you and the dream job you want.

Sometimes the distance between you and your success is just getting in contact with the right person. If you are courageous enough to take this simple step. You will be rewarded by success and fulfillment in your career. Imagine getting a dream job.  which you are unable to get for years.

What would your future will look like if you get a job, an internship or a chance to kickstart your career.

On that evening in 2007 when i went out after handing in my CV. The thunder and rain outside was stopped. So that the storm in my head was also stopped. I was calm, and confidant that i have implanted a first seed of my success.

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