This is one of the most easiest interview hack. I am almost embarrassed to share it because it's so obvious. And yet so few people do it.

I have used this hack to create opportunities for myself. To connect and network with people.

It has landed me job offers every time i have used it.

And now i use it for other aspects of my professional life. I use it everyday, I have used it today, and i will use it tomorrow.

Here it is, follow this and it will create tremendous opportunities for you.


Interview Hack Infographic

Interview Hack Real Life Example

I was interviewing for one of the largest bank in Europe. I was supposed to meet with the vice president of wholesale banking, for the last interview, whose unit i was suppose to work in.

I googled him in advance. I saw that he once cofounded a startup and sold it to Citrix. I searched for his startup and its services.

I remembered that in one of my earlier jobs we were using the services his startup built.

I further looked at his career history and found out that he went to technical university of Denmark, has started his career as software developer, was CTO for his startup and eventually moved to his current position.

So on the interview day i sat down in a room. Where he was sitting with the other manage who was hiring me. After the initial introduction I said “First of all, It’s a pleasure to meet someone who has built Podio”

He looked at me with a smile , and said how you know about that, I said yes in my old company we have used one of its services. It was pretty cool.

He nodded his head and said, yeah we always regretted that sale. It was one of the best things i have ever done in my life.

We talked about it and about my own experiences of few failed startups i was involved in the past.

After about 30 minutes into the interview at one point he asked me “Where do you see yourself in five or ten years”.

I replied with confidence

“I see myself progressing from software developer to enterprise architect role, then in few years to mid level technical management,  

and finally into upper management positions like CTO, much like you have progressed in your career. And i want to follow your footsteps”

Both of them were smiling, and the other manager joked. So you want to take his place in ten years. I smiled and said yes, but i guess he would have moved to a more higher position then.  

He said, "That's right." I have followed exactly the same path. We have also studied at the same university and you have also experienced the startup world. And now i can say that you have landed at the right place.

And he told some stories about his early career and ambitions. Interview further lasted for fifteen minutes.

In the end everyone was happy and pleased and next day i received the offer from them.

This is a interview hack. And I use it every day. I will use it today. I will use it tomorrow.


Interview tips

Before any new person i meet, whom i want to connect with. I search for their complete history on Google, Facebook and Linkedin.

Then i will try to find as many points as i can. Which will make him feel good about himself, or which i can connect as common interest or discussion point.

It has enormous benefits Try it and you will be amazed by the results.

“Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms. So when I went fishing, I didn’t think about what I wanted.

I thought about what they wanted. I didn't bait the hook with strawberries and cream. Rather, I dangled a worm or grasshopper in front of the fish and said:

"Wouldn't you like to have that?" Why not use the same common sense when fishing for people?”

Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

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