Do you want to increase your chances of getting hired by 1000% ?


Are you looking to simplify the process of how to evaluate programmers for your company.


Look no further then Devskiller. Because Dev skiller is a swiss army knife of technical recruitment process.

In today’s guide you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Devskiller.

So you can make a better decision to either use it or not. 

Let's dive right in. 



Devskiller Overview


Devskiller for Recruiters


Devskiller For Interview Preparation


Devskiller Alternatives


Devskiller Summary


Devskiller Overview

Product Details:

Devskiller is an online tool which is used for testing developer skills. It simplifies the process of recruiting the right person for the job.

Recruiters can use Devskiller to evaluate candidates. All they have to do is to generate a test and send the link to candidates.

Once the candidate finishes the test Recruiters can see a detailed analysis of performance in each area of the language or framework.

Devskiller radically reduces the amount of effort and time spent by the hiring managers to manually test the candidate's skills.

Developers can use Devskiller to test their own skills and get an in depth analysis of their performance.

In this way they can improve the weaker areas. And can increase their chances of success.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts from 135 USD/M

Free trial: Yes

Training: Yes

Support: Yes


Vendor Details:

Address: Lindleya 16, Warsaw, Poland

CEO: Jakub Kubrynski

Ownership: Private

Who Is Using Devskiller?


Devskiller For Recruiters


Automated Candidate Screening:

Probably one of the best features of Devskiller is its ability to automate the candidate evaluation process. 

Devskiller provides support for almost all the modern programming languages and frameworks. 

You can choose a predefined test case or create your own test from the scratch. For each test you can choose different evaluation methods ranging from Multiple Choice Questions, to Programming assignments, and pair programming tasks.

Below is a small walkthrough of Devskiller for candidate selection process.

Generating a Test

Devskiller provides three ways to generate the Tests.

1: Choose a Predefined Test

2: Choose Skills wizard

3: Manually Select Tasks

Choosing a Predefined Test:

For my review first I decided to test the predefined tests area. And to be honest I was impressed by the ease and relevancy of tests i can choose from.  

One of the Good thing was the possibility to choose tests based on the specific role. For the review i decided to Choose "Java Middle Developer Test".


Auto Generated Test:

The next thing I tried was the auto test generator wizard. It takes few seconds to generate any new test you want.

And there are various options. You can use the core language or add some related frameworks as well.

As shown in the screenshot below.



Once you are finished then just press Generate test and it will create a test in few seconds.

Inviting Candidates:

Once you are done generating a Test. You can click on candidates. And then by clicking on invite Candidates.

You can send the test to the candidate you wish to evaluate.

 Candidate's Perspective:

The candidate will receive an email with instructions and link to the test. Once he clicks on the link he will see a screen like this.


Test Assessment:

Once candidate is finished with the test. Then devskiller will run an assessment and will create a very detailed report about each phase of the test.


Devskiller For Developers


Devskiller for Interview Preparation:

The good thing about Devskiller is that it can be used by developers to prepare for technical interviews.

Lets suppose you are invited by some company to do onsite technical interviews for Senior Java Developer Role.

Here is how you can leverage devskiller powers to prepare 

1- Logon to Devskiller and choose a predefined test for Senior Java Developer role. 

2- Invite yourself as the candidate

3- Open the link you will receive and start doing the test. Each devskiller test uses a variety of questions to test your knowledge. This includes Multiple choice question, Code implementation exercise and Code review tasks.

4. You can practice as many test scenarios as you want. 

5. You can generate tests based on your requirements and choose the types of questions as you like. 

6. Devskiller has a huge library of tasks. So in theory it almost impossible to do each one of them. You can choose the one which are more related to the role you are going to interview for.

Once you are finished with the test. Devskiller will perform in depth analysis of the results.

This will provide you a valuable feedback about your own performance.

Following screenshots will take you through a sample Test i choose to do. 

This screenshot show the 2 types of question 

1- Write input

2- Multiple Choice Questions


For the tasks which require you to build the code. There are three options as shown below.
You can see,build and test the full source code of the task.
Once you are finished you can see the detailed analysis of the test.


Devskiller Vs Other Tools

As with anything else in life Devskiller is not the only tool available in its space. 


The real question is what other options are available and where does Devskiller stand in relation to other tools in the market. 

Based on my impressions after testing Devskiller for more then 2 weeks. Here is how Devskiller competes with other tools




Testing Ability



Devskiller Summary

After my extensive testing of Devskiller. It came out  as a Winner in Candidate Assessment Segment. Mainly because of its wide coverage of programming languages and frameworks.

But also the quality of questions and tests is very high. Anyone without technical knowledge can generate a test in seconds.

And the results of the test are very thorough and gives a meaningful overview of candidate's performance.

Technical recruitment process is very cumbersome and is full of infinite complexities.

In order to save time and energy companies can leverage the power of Tools like Devskiller to filter out the best candidates for the job.  

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