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Why Do 99% Candidates Fail In Technical Interviews?

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Typical Job Interview Process

percentageOfJobCandidates80%Are rejected in first phase                                                                                                    

20%Will proceed to next phase  

15%are rejected in 2nd phase 


5%Will be selected for final phase

1% Will be able to secure the job 

In a world growing increasingly banal and familiar, everyone is using the same tactics and strategies to get a job. And if you appear to be the same as everyone else, then your chances of success are as low as of everyone else.

On the other hand, employers are using latest technologies to filter out the average candidates. To survive such fierce competition and intense screening, you need to learn the basics of the hiring process. 

You have to learn, never to let yourself get lost in the crowd of candidates, or buried in oblivion. The only way to achieve this is by making yourself a magnet of attention by appearing more significant, more colorful, and more mysterious than the bland and timid masses.

The technical recruitment process is full of infinite complexities, and you can spend a lifetime without ever fully understanding it. The trick then is to use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your cause.

It will save you valuable time and energy. It will also provide you with a foundation to learn from your own experiences and mistakes. Consider codeSpaghetti such a resource. I have compiled all these strategies and resources after my years of rejections and failures.

Over the past ten years, I have read more than 50 books about human psychology and behavior. I have talked with 100's of recruiters and employers from all over the world. I have extracted and distilled the knowledge and wisdom, from Leonardo Da Vinci to modern day's career gurus. Just to help you, not only survive but thrive in your next technical interview

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